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Sterling 303 Reclining Bath Lift

The therapeutic value of bathing is recognized by most of us; to simply relax in the bath gently easing away your stresses, aches and pains is one of life's pleasures. However, you may find access to your bath difficult for any number of reasons.

The Sterling 303 is a battery powered reclining bath lift that has been designed to assist you to bathe safely and comfortably. With the Sterling 303 you can enjoy the pleasures of a soak in the bath once again.

Automatic Position & Recline Control

Simply press the DOWN button and your Sterling 303 Bath Lift will lower you gently into the bath. Once lowered, it will start to recline. You can then select the most comfortable bathing position at the touch of a button. Pressing the UP button returns the bath lift to the start position.

Large Transfer Area

The large folding side panels open to rest on the edges of your bath, creating a generous transfer area. They fold automatically to fit your bath during use making the Sterling 303 suitable for use in a wide number of baths.

Comfort Covers

Your Sterling 3003 Bath Lift is fitted with deluxe comfort covers as standard. Soft to the touch, the anti-slip covers offer you additional comfort and security when bathing. They are fixed seurely to the unit and are easily removable for machine washing.

Easy Release System

Your Sterling 303 Bath Lift is securely fixed by suction cups. These can be easily released by using the quick release handle.

Intelligent Hand Control

An intelligent safety system checks the power levels before every use. The control will not allow you to lower your bath lift unless there is sufficient power to raise it again. An illuminated symbol will remind you when it's time to recharge the hand control. The ergonomic, tactile control buttons make operation simple and easy release suction pads allow you to position the hand control on a convenient, smooth surface.

Strength With Stability

The seat is supported by a strong, rustproof, stainless steel frame. It can safely support bathers up to 297 lbs. (135kgs). The smooth-moving mechanism guarantees you a gentle lifting action.

Compact Design

The unit folds for easy storage when not in use. This also makes it easy to take with you when traveling.


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